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Please check this website right before you leave to the tournament to make sure you have the most current information.
If your team has to ref/scorekeep the last game of the tournament ALL PLAYERS must stay.  It's not fair that some girls get to leave while others have to stay and ref/scorekeep.  If there is an emergency and a player can't stay to ref/scorekeep they will be allowed to leave, however they will have to sit out an entire match in the future.  The rule is we play as a team and we ref/scorekeep as a team.  We understand that sometimes things happen and somone may need to leave during their reffing/scorekeeping duties.  They will be allowed to leave, however they will have to sit out an entire match in the future.  The coach will take attendance and dismiss all girls and the end of the tournament.​  This is strictly enforced.



Below is the link to the AES website. This is where you will find all the information regarding the tournament, playing location, time you play/referee, etc. To access the tournament information follow the link and click DIVISION 4 TEAMS  link, from there locate and click on your team: Angels 14-1. This will show current schedule, work schedule, and future schedule.

Coaches please remind your team what time they have to be on the court and what color jerseys to wear for each day.


Coaches there is usually a team check in on Saturday at your play site.  Please make sure you check in your team and submit your rosters.

Note: Do not leave on Saturday until all matches have been completed and you know there are no tie breaker matches that you may either have to play in or referee.



If you have any questions please contact coach Aisha 505-340-9275 or Coach Marge 505-620-6062

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Contact  Us at 505-280-9570 and ask for our CLUB PACKET!


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