Why Play for the Angels?


Our goal as a club is to give the girls every opportunity to succeed and feel a sense of accomplishment.  Every girl is equipped with the skills necessary to effectively set, pass, serve, block, and hit.  It is a reflection of our unique signature coaching style. 
Our unique coaching style and approach coupled with the individual talents of our girls is what gets our girls noticed.  What people remember about us as we walk off the court is how fundamentally sound each one of our players are, our chemistry and cohesiveness on the court, and how much fun the girls are having.  We hope to continue to leave a positive lasting impression by our teams talent, attitude, sportsmanship, and chemistry.
Our girls understand that all the talent in the world won't take them anywhere without their teammates.  They are all sisters on the court.  Their actions and their words lift each other up.  They praise each other for their successes and accomplishments.  They encourage their teammates when they are down.  It's not easy coaching girls this age but we feel that with proper guidance, support, and positive role modeling it can be done and it can be done effectively. 
This season our vision is to bring together the best and bring out the best in each one of them.  With positive chemistry and teamwork and our unique coaching style we can divide the task on the court and multiply the success. 
For a season we are together.  We are all a part of each others lives.  Each of us is on a unique life path.  Which path we follow defines part of our uniqueness.  We want the experience that you take from the Angels to be a memory that you will cherish for years to come.
That is just a glimpse of what it truly means to be an Angel!